At the Young Women’s Resource Center, we believe that every girl deserves a life of possibilities.

We help young women realize their full potential by providing programming to girls ages 10-21 in central Iowa. Our unique structure features two branches of services – prevention and perinatal – to better serve the members of our community throughout various stages of life.

We offer support groups and services for all young women, regardless of what they may be going through in their lives. We open our doors to any young woman who wants to be herself and feel like she belongs.

The Young Women’s Resource Center is a place for young women to come to be together, to come to be alone, to come to be themselves. It is a safe place that reinforces the beauty, resiliency and strength that these women already possess. It is a place where they can thrive. We are happy to make the Young Women’s Resource Center a place women can find the things they need, whatever those things may be.

Our goal is to help young women become strong, self-confident and successful. The Young Women’s Resource Center utilizes education and support to create a safe environment for girls where they experience acceptance, compassion, knowledge and commitment.


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  1. Good work! We really need to keep voicing our concerns over the commodification of women around the world. I posted a copy of a UN report on Japan’s child erotic problem under a post called “Dear Japan.” It is amazing the lengths certain elements will take to satisfy the desire for beautiful, young bodies.


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